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Scioto Reserve Wedding~ Rachel and Erik

Some couples are just the sweetest. I knew from the time that I met Rachel and Erik that we would work well together. They were so laid back on one hand, but they also had a vision for what they wanted their day to look like. Of course no wedding day is perfect, so when there was rain in the forecast, they just went with the flow, no disappointment, no complaints. They simply wanted to get married and enjoy their day! Luckily Scioto Reserve has a great Plan B, and though they had to move their ceremony indoors, it was still beautiful. During the last few minutes of the ceremony, before they said I do, the sun came out so bright and pretty!! So of course, we ran out the front door immediately and I shot the most pictures EVER. We did all of their bride and groom and bridal portraits and wrapped up just in time. They sky opened up and it starting pouring rain again as we went back inside. Moral of the story, be flexible on your wedding day and focus on the real reason you are there. Don't let anything trivial steal your joy. And also, find a photographer that can work super fast and efficiently under some serious time constraints. Every minute counts!!!!!

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