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Why You Should do an Engagement Session

Only 23 days left until Spring. And do you know what I like to do in Spring?? TAKE ENGAGEMENT PHOTOS! The trees are in bloom and the days are longer and warmer, the perfect combination for outdoor photos.

A lot of couples debate whether or not to get engagement photos taken. But there are so many reason why you should consider it. One, it is a great opportunity for you guys to practice being photographed by your photographer before your wedding day. I mean, most people don't have much experience being professionally photographed, and odds are that you haven't done so together as a couple. Senior pics might be the last time you were in front of a professional photographer! So take this opportunity to get comfortable before your big day.

It is also a great opportunity for your photographer to get a feel for how you and your fiance interact with each other. Are you goofy, romantic or playful? Your photographer can learn how to best photograph you based on your relationship and that will help them prepare for your wedding day. It's great practice for us too!

Also, there are so many ways to use your engagement photos. Save the date cards or magnets are popular. You can frame them and use them with your centerpieces or string them in a cute display at your reception. And you can use them for your wedding website on the Knot or similar websites. You have so many options!

Are you convinced? I hope so. Two of my three collections include an engagement session and you have the option to add it onto my entry level package. Oh, and for those of you looking for a smaller, more affordable package option, I am now offering the new Petite Collection. Send me a quick email if you would like details.

Have a great week!

Comfort Witcher (yep that really is my first name)

Owner of Comfort Photography

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