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Boss Babe Wednesday-Cascata Gifting Studio

Meet Kristina, owner of Cascata Gifting Studio. She runs a boutique gifting studio that offers high end products that are customized to her clients' needs. Her gift boxes are carefully researched and hand curated.

"We can't solve all of life's problems, but we will bring some laughter, light, and love to those who need it most."

Kristina started her business by curating Cancer Care Packages after going through the loss of a loved one. Though flowers are beautiful, they don't last, so she had the idea of giving gift boxes full of useful items instead. Now in addition she provides gifts for corporations, weddings, house warmings, birthdays, sympathy, baby arrivals, and basically any occasion you can imagine. If you want to make someone feel special, give her call and #givecascata !

on IG @cascata_shop

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