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We'll Celebrate Again Soon!

This photo gives me so much joy! It is the epitome of what a wedding should feel like, a true depiction of celebration. Currently 4 of my couples have had to delay this moment, and I truly feel for them and all of the other couples in the same situation. We are all in this together. Life has come to a stand still in some ways, but there are also opportunities to take advantage of this time. Spend time with loved ones, read, binge your favorite shows, work on that business plan that you have always wanted to start, or just BE. Life is usually moving so fast that we often don't have the opportunity to just relax or think. In this new found stillness, we have the chance to reflect on life, and in that reflection I am sure that we all can find so many different things to be thankful for. Let's make the most of this, and let's celebrate what we have now and what's to come!

Stay Safe!


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